Saturday, September 25, 2010

man its been a while

Since I last blogged and I apploigise for that I wont boar you with my layouts from then till now but I will put up a few of my favs
this was a layout based on a new zealand song title and I am impressed with the layout even if I didn't get points for it.

and this was part of a word challenge using the word star the photo isnt very good but I like the layout. since I last blogged I have had a birthday not a major one but a birthday none the less I got very spoilt although ended up having to buy a new oven on the day as our one finally cooked its last chicken nugget. So I got an oven for my birthday which I suppose is better than the concrete I got for last christmas. School holidays have rolled around again they seem to creep up fast we were over the teenage attitude by saturday so wish me luck and I hope I survive. Until next time kirsty