Saturday, October 2, 2010

i,ve been busy

While on holiday last week I got to do lots of scrapping layouts that I can now share with you.
This was a sketch challenge. photo was taken at Cornwall park which was a favourite hang out when the children were younger.Enjoyed laceing the frame and highlighting the letters wasa a new techniquic that I tried to use.
this was a colour challenge using green and orange. Dont get to see this wee girl enough so the photos that I have are all scrapped and given to her as a birthday present. Love the colour blocks in this layout.

This was also a sketch challenge. I stamped my letters with ink and love the way the flourishes turned out.
Finally Jess turns 15 tomorrow. Where did those years go. Got her a camera for her birthday. She is very excited. Now she old enough to earn some money so I am pretty excited about that teenagers are so expensive.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

man its been a while

Since I last blogged and I apploigise for that I wont boar you with my layouts from then till now but I will put up a few of my favs
this was a layout based on a new zealand song title and I am impressed with the layout even if I didn't get points for it.

and this was part of a word challenge using the word star the photo isnt very good but I like the layout. since I last blogged I have had a birthday not a major one but a birthday none the less I got very spoilt although ended up having to buy a new oven on the day as our one finally cooked its last chicken nugget. So I got an oven for my birthday which I suppose is better than the concrete I got for last christmas. School holidays have rolled around again they seem to creep up fast we were over the teenage attitude by saturday so wish me luck and I hope I survive. Until next time kirsty

Friday, July 30, 2010

have not been here for a while

So therefore have a few layouts to share.First up is a sketch layout of a very old photo of jess doing ballet

its nice to finish older photos and it was also the first time I used Glimmer mist and was pretty impressed with the whole thing. Next was a latout trying a new technequic using quilling as a frame.

and how about another of Jess this time at the beach. Like this layout dont use the cuttlebug enough. s1600/summer+lovin%27.JPG"> Have not done to many cards lately. If some one would like to give me clear instuctions as to how to link my blog to my forum post I would appriciate it very much. this is my next tecno challenge. Catch you again later. kirsty

Sunday, July 4, 2010

been scrappin

with the stress of the resseson hitting us hard lately it ios nice to go into my own little space and stop worrying for a minute or two. holidays started this week I was over them about 4.30 friday afternoon. not alot happening in my life at the moment so not much to report so instead of just rambbleing I will make this a short post and sign off.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Have not posted for as while, no excuses just plain lazy. anway had Hannahs birthday went to Lazor force had a great day until the tyre blew out on the way home. Eveyone came home really tired but happy. Children got their school reports back this week,no surprises, Jess got a letter from the principle saying that hers was one of the best in her year and inviting her for a morning tea. Hve been scrapping and card making

won a prize for the merry go round layout. I have just started a ten week course with eit on becoming an associate teacher and the readings so far have been quite interesting. Anyway must sign off and get organised for the day.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

another post

Could get use to these long weekends I am feeling considerably relaxed and ready to start the new week. Hannah has her thirteenth birthday this wednesday. She has been looking forward to this for such a long time that I am afraid it will be such a letdown for her. Next Sunday we a going to lazor force with eight of her friends so that should be fun.Gosh it doesn't seem like thirteen years ago since my baby was born where does the time go. Anyway been creating this weekend (surprise surprise)here is what I have done

Anyway I am impressed with all three creations and am looking forward to what this week brings

Saturday, May 29, 2010

another week

Well busy week this week. Two late nights babysitting and daily demands of children and work. I did some more creating this week end my next challenge card was a paisley one. This is not my normal stlye but it is all about taking me out of my comfort zone and learning new technequics. My background was cuttle bug and then I tried embossing the stamped image but was not happy with the final results so ended up layering with stamped images I must google some embossing tips.

I also created this scrap layout of an older photo. this layout may look pretty basic but I worked on it for ages changing my papers and fiddling around with tricky bits.
Sent my daughter (14) to her first concert last night. She went to see Dane Rumble. She had a great time although I was a buddle of nerves. Watched Astro Boy this weekend this movie was ok was more of a kids movie but I can tick that one of my list.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

once I found you

I dont want to let you go. therefore it will be my mission to update once a week so I get familiar with how to do it. But you remeber the teenages I memtioned earlier they may have other ideas but here goes anyway. this weekend I have spent creating I made this card which took me a while to glue on the individual squares although I was lucky enough to find a whole punch to do the squares or I would have had to cut them individually and they wouldn't have looked right. Pretty cute card I think. The layout I completed this weekend was this one. I had lots of fun doing this layout using things like the cuttle bug and a boarder punch. Loving the colour combinations at the moment. Apart from that the weekend has mostly been watching netball, saw lovely bones, went to the home and garden show and relaxing. thats all for now will catch you next weekend or thats the plan anyway.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Oh my I didn't realise that this page was here, must have been created along time ago and I have just stumbled across it, thought it had disappeared into the land of the unknown. Anywaay wordpress is not playing nice so I thought I would try another blogger and hopefully will become more consistent with posting and sharing.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

wait for me

Don't leave me behind in this world of technology. I know the blogging world is not new but I refuse to be left behind so I am going to give it a go.
I am a mum to two girls, an educater to a group of preschoolers, a scrapbooker and a cardmaker. Because my girls are teenagers and know alot more about technology than me I refuse to be (more)confused by what they do. So here goes my very first blog hopefully many more to come.